HON Ready Portal FAQs

Q Whom do I contact if I have questions regarding the portal?
A Call the HON Ready Portal Support Team at 800-552-0012 or email honready@honcompany.com.
Q Will HON Ready Portal be available on hon.com?
A Yes, users can access HON Ready Portal through www.hon.com. The user will be directed to the login page where they will need to enter their email address/password to access, or if they have not already registered, create a new account.
Q I want to change my password. How do I do this?
A Select My Profile located in the right-hand corner on the HON Ready home page.
Click on Edit Profile
Next select Change Password and follow the prompts to update your password.
Q Where do I go to change my profile information?
A To update your personal information, select My Profile located in the top right-hand corner on the HON Ready home page.
Click on Edit Profile
Update the appropriate fields as necessary.
Q What if I have a question regarding my HONORS points?
A Questions specifically related to HONORS points and allocations are directed to the HONORS Program Headquarters at 800-610-5674 or via email at honors@maritz.com.
Q What is the HONORS program and how can I learn more about it?
A The HONORS program is a recognition program for commercial and government Dealer Sales Representatives. If you have questions about how to participate in this program, please contact your territory manager or solutions account manager.
Q I need to be able to order samples and/or literature. Who do I contact?
A Please contact the Literature Fulfillment Center at 800-466-4808.